GDM - Glass wallthickness measuring device

Wall thickness measuring device for measurement and selection of wall thickness and ovality defects of glass containers.

Mode of operation:

  • chromatic, non-contact measurement
  • wall thickness measurement possible on round as well as on non round containers, measurement even possible within contours, engravings, etc.
Selection may take place under various criteria:
  • minimum
  • maximum
  • ovality
  • intelligent software to detect ultrathin areas (<0.3 mm )
  • ratio measurement; minimum to maximum
Intuitive software operation including the following features:
  • article database
  • continuous graphic display of wall thickness as well as ovality, including defect identification
  • indicator for quality of measurement
Additional features:
  • menu navigation via 7-inch touch screen
  • a 19-inch, space-saving industrial case, for quality of measurement up to four measuring units
  • four different types of measuring heads available, providing you with the best possible measuring head for each application; particular attention was paid to an efficient reduction of the size of the measuring heads.
  • connection to all market-established testing machines equipped with a rotation station (Busch & Spreen, Emhart Glass, Heye International: Smart Line, MSC, SGCC)